Frequently Asked Questions



Who will the account manager be?

Geoff Gannon.

How many stocks will I own?

Between 6 and 8 stocks.

What kind of stocks will I own?

Overlooked stocks. These include: spin-offs, stocks emerging from bankruptcy, net cash stocks, net-nets, near net-nets, illiquid stocks, over-the-counter (OTC) stocks, and stocks that don’t file with the SEC.

What strategy will be used?

The strategy Joel Greenblatt outlines in You Can Be a Stock Market Genius.

How often will I hear from Geoff and Andrew?

You will get a monthly memo. And you can always email us at

What fees will I pay?

The taxable accounts of qualified clients will pay 1% of assets and 15% of profits with a high-water mark. The non-taxable accounts of qualified clients and all accounts of non-qualified clients will pay a flat rate of 2.5% of assets.

How often will I pay these fees?

The flat fee will be automatically withdrawn from your account monthly. The percent of profits will be automatically withdrawn from your account quarterly.

Is it possible you will turn me down?

Yes. We are looking for long-term oriented value investors who don’t mind some volatility.

Where will my account be?

Interactive Brokers. We do not have custody of the assets. We are just the manager of the account.

Can you manage money for people outside the U.S.?


Can you manage non-taxable money?


What is the minimum investment size you will consider?


“To set up a meeting by telephone or in person (Geoff and Andrew both live in Plano, TX) contact Andrew by email (, phone (469-207-5844), or text (469-207-5844).”