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Andrew Kuhn

Co-founder / Operations



2015: Co-founded The Pilots Wealth Management Group (effectively became Kuhn Capital Partners in 2018), a Registered Investment Advisory Firm (age 20)

2017: Co-founded

2018: Co-founded Focused Compounding Capital Management

2019: Partnered with Willow Oak Asset Management to Launch The Focused Compounding Fund 

What’s on My Mind?

Your Greatest Advantage as an Investor in 2020: FOCUS

For this week’s post, I decided to talk to the camera. Be sure to watch if you haven’t here.

9 States in 5 days

9 states, 5 days, 2,092 miles, 32 hours of driving, 3 different companies, a ton of fast-food, 1 tornado scare, and a helllllllllllllllllluva lot coffee later, Geoff and I have finally finished our research trip and are back in good ole’ Dallas, Texas. It was a productive trip, and I thought I’d spend this week’s post talking a bit about the trip without revealing the companies we visited, for obvious reasons. (I know, I know – super annoying). First, and most importantly – my biggest

One of My Goals For 2020 – Blog More! 

To Focused Compounding Members,   I hope everyone had a great holiday! Let me start by saying I am not one for New Year’s resolutions. I genuinely believe you should start today instead of tomorrow – and that an arbitrary date should not dictate when you should work to become the better version of yourself.   That said, one of the things I wanted Geoff and myself to do before the new year was to write down 5 goals that we would be proud of

Parks! America (PRKA): A Gem Trading at a 15% FCF Yield That Should Have 50%+ of Its Current Market Cap in Cash Within 5 Years

by ANDREW KUHN   Parks! America                                              Price:    $0.14 Shares: 74.8m MC:     $10.4m Cash:    $3.2m Debt:    $2.4m EV:       $9.6m   Geoff and I use a checklist that we go through before investing in any company. Let’s go over it here before jumping into the actual business.   Boxes that need to be checked for us to invest:   Overlooked: Parks! America is an illiquid microcap. The stock currently has a market cap of only $10.4m, of which only about 4% of the shares turn over…...

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A Few Thoughts on Hostess Brands

“Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business” -Warren Buffett For the past few weeks I have been studying and doing research on Hostess Brands, the maker of the classic chocolate cupcake with the squiggly white frosting line and of course the iconic, golden, cream-filled Twinkie. At first glance, the company passed almost all my filters on my investment checklist for a company I would want to be involved with. They claim to have a 90%…...

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