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Andrew Kuhn

About Me

Andrew Kuhn first got involved in the stock market at the age of 13 years old. A very untraditional place to start, he started off trading options arbitrage strategies engaging in buying and selling premium. Upon coming across “The Intelligent Investor” when he was 16, he completely changed his investing mindset and technique and has never looked back. Fast forward 5 years to the present, he is now the Portfolio Manager for The Pilots Wealth Management Group, a Registered Investment Advisor in Dallas Texas, where he employs a value oriented strategy modeled after the principles of Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Joel Greenblatt. In 2017, Andrew co-founded Focused Compounding with Geoff Gannon. Andrew is a focused, long-term investor. He looks for businesses that can compound their capital at high rates of return that have long runways for growth for many years into the future.

Favorite Investing Quote

“I think the most important three words in investing may be: I don’t know. Having strong viewpoints on a lot of securities, and acting on them, is a sure-fire way to poor returns in my opinion. In my view, it’s easier to adopt this “I don’t know” ethos by focusing on the business first and valuation second, as opposed to the other way around. I’ve found that when valuation is the overriding driver of interest, I’m prone to get involved in challenging businesses or complicated ideas and liable to confuse a statistically cheap price with a margin of safety” -Allan Mecham


I like to put 10-20% of his portfolio into each stock he buys.


I like to hold each stock he buys for at least 3-5 years.


Invest in operating businesses that have high and wide moats that are able to compound its capital at high rates of return.

Favorite Position Size


Favorite Holding Period

3-5 years

Favorite Industry

None in particular

Favorite Investor

Bill Ackman

Favorite Investing Book

“The Warren Buffett Portfolio” by Robert Hagstrom

First Stock Owned

Citi Group (2010)

Best Stock Purchased

Ebix Inc (2014)

Favorite Idea at the Moment