Geoff Gannon October 10, 2011

12 Stocks I’d Consider Buying

Someone who reads the blog sent me this email:

Hi Geoff,

My question for you is about the recent market correction. I know you might not be comfortable talking about any stocks you bought, but I’d love to hear anything you can say about how you approached Mr. Market’s most recent mood swing; what kind of actions did you take? Did you stick to pre-researched stocks on a watch list or did you go into overdrive with researching new businesses? I guess my question is mostly about mindset and preparedness. How do you prepare for this, and what does your thought process look like while it’s happening?


answered Mike’s question over at GuruFocus.

In my article, I talk about 12 stocks I’d consider buying:

1. Omnicom (OMC)

2. Regis (RGS)

3. Fair Isaac (FICO)

4. Moody’s (MCO)

5. Dun & Bradstreet (DNB)

6. Birner Dental (BDMS)

7. VCA Antech (WOOF)

8. Prestige Brands (PBH)

9. Carnival (CCL)

10. Dreamworks (DWA)

11. Nintendo (NTDOY)

12. CEC Entertainment (CEC)

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