Geoff Gannon January 27, 2016

14 Stocks For You To Look At

Quan and I have picked 19 stocks over the last couple years. One of those stocks, Babcock & Wilcox, split into two different stocks. So, there are 20 stocks that had our blessing. Six of these are not good choices for you to look at. Two have been acquired so you can’t buy them (LifeTime Fitness and Breeze-Eastern). Two were stocks we shouldn’t have picked in the first place (Town Sports and Weight Watchers). And two are now too expensive to be worth your time (BWX Technologies and HomeServe).

Here is the full list including the six stocks that I’d disqualify.

Once you disqualify those 6 stocks, you’re left with 14 stocks that are still worth looking at today:

  • America’s Car-Mart
  • Ark Restaurants
  • Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises
  • BOK Financial
  • Ekornes
  • Fossil
  • Frost
  • Hunter Douglas
  • John Wiley
  • Movado
  • Progressive
  • Swatch
  • Tandy Leather
  • Village Supermarket


America’s Car-Mart

Sells old cars on credit to deep subprime customers mostly in the U.S. deep South.


Ark Restaurants

Runs big single location restaurants (not chains) in high visibility venues (casinos, museums, train stations, parks, etc.).


Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises

Builds and maintains big steam boilers for thermal power (coal, incinerator, etc.) plants.


BOK Financial

A Tulsa, Oklahoma based commercial bank that does a lot of energy lending.



Makes Stressless brand recliners.



Sells watches under the Fossil and Skagen brands it owns and the many fashion brands (Michael Kors, Armani, etc.) it licenses the rights to.



A San Antonio, Texas based commercial bank that also does a lot of energy lending.


Hunter Douglas

Makes the Hunter Douglas and Luxaflex brands of shades and blinds.


John Wiley

Sells academic journal subscriptions to university libraries.



Sells watches under the Movado brand it owns and the many fashion brands (Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.) it licenses the rights to.



Writes car insurance coverage for American drivers who go to the company’s website or get their policy through an agent.



Sells watches under the many brands (Omega, Longines, Tissot, Swatch, etc.) the company owns.


Tandy Leather

Runs a chain of leather goods stores that serves both retail and wholesale customers.


Village Supermarket

Runs a couple dozen big Shop-Rite supermarkets (they average 60,00 square feet of selling space)  in New Jersey.