Geoff Gannon August 21, 2017

Did You Invest in Weight Watchers (WTW)? Call for Quotes/Comments: Weight Watchers Re-Visit

I planned to do a quick re-visit of my own experience investing in Weight Watchers (WTW). However, since announcing my plan to do that, I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people telling me about their own experience either investing in that stock on their own or following me into it.

So, I’ve decided to do a post that includes those experiences. If you owned Weight Watchers stock – or even considered buying the stock but ultimately deiced to pass – at any time between 2013 and 2017, please send me an email detailing your experience.

Try to include:

1.       How did you first find out about the stock? (Was it my blog, my newsletter, someone else’s write-up online, a news report, your own experience trying to lose weight, Oprah’s investment, etc.)

2.       When did you buy the stock? (what date, at what price, etc. – to the best of your memory)

3.       What factors drove your buy decision?

4.       When did you sell the stock? (what date, at what price, etc. – to the best of your memory)

5.       What factors drove your sell decision?

6.       And most importantly: How did holding this stock make you FEEL? (what emotions did you cycle through and what influence did these emotions have on your decision to buy, hold, or sell?)

7.       Do you think you learned anything from this experience?

I will quote from the emails sent to me. I will edit only for clarity and brevity.

Please rest assured: I will anonymize all quotes. Your name will not appear anywhere in the post.

I’m in the midst of summer vacation. So, you have till the end of August to send in your personal history investing in Weight Watchers stock. I will post this at the start of September regardless of how much feedback I get. I don’t want to hold off any longer than that. So, if you want to submit – submit now.

If you invested in Weight Watchers, please do consider submitting your thoughts.

I think you’ll find the experience of summarizing your experience and sending it off to me to be cathartic.