Geoff Gannon October 8, 2010

Investing Blogs: 17 Blogs Geoff Reads – And Paul Krugman

A reader sent me this email:

“Which blogs do you usually look at?”

I use Netvibes to keep track of 45 blogs. When any of those 45 blogs posts something new, I read it.

Lately: I’ve been using Twitter too.

I read mostly investing blogs. I prefer stuff where the writer is covering stocks I don’t know. Small is good. Foreign is better. I like stock specific analysis. I have no interest in stuff about the market.

There is one exception: I read Paul Krugman. Krugman doesn’t make me a better investor – worse probably – I just like his writing.

I’ve interviewed the authors of 5 blogsGreenbackdStreet CapitalistSINLetterCheap Stocks, and Fat Pitch Financials.

I love: The Interactive Investor Blog and Variant Perceptions.

You should also read: ShadowStockAbove Average Odds Investing, and Petty Cash.

Two blogs that are a little different – but definitely worth reading – are: Market Folly and The Official Activist Investing Blog.

One blog I’ve really been getting into lately is: Can Turtles Fly?.

A lot of these names aren’t surprises. I’ve linked to them before.

I don’t know what my favorite blogs are. Don’t ask. Some blogs give me great info but don’t have a voice. I forget to list those. And some bloggers I like don’t write much. Their names may be missing too.

Here are 3 more: Rational WalkRagnar is a Pirate, and Greg Speicher.

I could go on forever. I won’t.

One more: Canadian Value Investing.