Geoff Gannon October 11, 2011

Japanese Net-Nets: 6 Months Later

It’s been about 6 months since I bought a basket of 5 Japanese net-nets.

A couple people have asked about how my Japanese net-nets have done. I started making these investments around April of this year. I wrote the “Buy Japan” post before buying my 5 Japanese net-nets. And it took me about a month of bidding for these micro caps to get my orders filled.

Since then, in dollar terms, the 5 stocks are up: 6.41%, 7.53%, 12.80%, 18.35%, and 20.88%.

You can use the March 16th date of my “Buy Japan” post as a convenient way of measuring the influence the Japanese Yen / U.S. Dollar exchange rate has had on the performance of those stocks. For Japanese investors, your results would obviously not include these Dollar exchange rate changes.

Let’s just say these Japanese net-nets have done better than my U.S. net-nets this year. It doesn’t matter if you are calculating returns in local currency or dollars. My Japanese net-nets have been my best performers this year.

I will re-evaluate the positions around June of next year.

I generally hold net-nets for at least a year before considering whether they should be sold. This gives them time to run.

Most people sell net-nets too fast because they dislike the underlying businesses and are not used to having such large gains in a single year.

Of course, the truth is that a net-net that rises 50% or even 100% is usually still a very cheap stock. So it’s silly to sell a net-net just because it’s gone up.

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