Geoff Gannon March 9, 2013

News: George Risk (RSKIA) and Ark Restaurants (ARKR)

I only own two American stocks. Both are micro caps. They are George Risk (RSKIA) and Ark Restaurants (ARKR). Both stocks came out with news recently.

Ken Risk, the CEO and majority (58%) owner of George Risk, died. His daughter, already the CFO, was made President and Chairman. His widow was also added to the board.  The company’s record under Ken Risk was extraordinary. His death is a big negative for shareholders.

Ark Restaurants rejected a $22 a share buyout offer from Landry’s. Then Landry’s sent out a press release questioning the motives of Ark’s board.

Here are the latest press releases in each story:

George Risk 8-K

Landry’s Press Release