Geoff Gannon June 26, 2006

Noteworthy News Items

First, let me say that I am back from a week’s vacation, so blog posts and new podcasts will now resume. The next podcast is scheduled for tomorrow.

There are some noteworthy news items worth mentioning today:

Last I checked, (OSTK) was up just under 20% on the day. No news was immediately evident – however, this may have changed by the time you are reading this post. These aren’t exactly new prices for Overstock. So, the move does not change the conclusions reached in my past posts on Overstock. You can read these posts by following the links below (arranged in reverse chronological order – i.e., most recent to least recent):

Overstock’s First Quarter Results

On Overstock’s Fourth Quarter

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On The Rationale for the Overstock Post

On Overstock

As you’ve probably heard, Warren Buffett will transfer the vast majority of his wealth to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. At current prices, the Berkshire stock to be transferred has a market value of approximately $30 billion. You can read more by following these links:


Warren Buffett Gives Away His Fortune

A Conversation with Warren Buffett

How Buffett’s Giveaway Will Work

The Global Force Called the Gates Foundation

There are several noteworthy mergers and acquisitions news items. A few are complicated. None were entirely unexpected. However, the dollar amounts involved are quite large:


Merger Monday, With Heavy Metal Soundtrack

Happy Ending for Arcelor and Mittal? Not Quite Yet

Mixed Prognosis for J&J;’s Pfizer Deal

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