Geoff Gannon July 6, 2006

On The Newsletter

I have received a fair number of questions about when the new issue will come out. Any confusion here is entirely my own fault for being unclear.

The newsletter covers all the stocks purchased for my personal portfolio during the last quarter. The word “all” is a bit misleading, because there are never more than a handful of stocks. However, it’s important to note that because the issue covers all changes to the portfolio, I don’t begin work on the newsletter until after the last trading day of the quarter.

Therefore, I can not possibly finish writing the newsletter within the first few days of the month. I should have been much clearer about this earlier. Many publications are delivered well before the nominal issue dates. I didn’t consider how this had conditioned people to expect the July Issue to be delivered within the first few days of July.

To avoid any further confusion, I’ve decided to set an exact delivery date. Previously, I had planned to send out the issues as soon as I finished them. I will no longer do this.

Instead, I will hold off distributing the new issues until the 15th of the month, regardless of whether they are complete or not. This should eliminate the need for questions about when the issue will come out. It will come out on the fifteenth. Every issue will come out on the fifteenth.

Also, I had previously allowed subscribers to choose between the PDF and print forms. From now on, I’m just going to send each subscriber both the PDF and the printed copy. Again, this is to clear up confusion and prevent frequent questions.

I enjoy answering emails from people asking about various stocks. I don’t enjoy answering emails asking about newsletter delivery dates and such. These questions were perfectly understandable ones, considering how loose I had left things regarding delivery of the newsletter. I hope this new solution will eliminate the need for such questions in the future.

As I had not given a particular delivery date in the past, I am clearly obligated to offer every individual who purchased the July Issue the opportunity to receive a full refund.

If you purchased the July Issue as a single issue or as part of a one-year subscription, I will be happy to refund the full amount for this issue if you notify me by the 14th of the month.

In the future, the final refund dates given on the Newsletter page of this website will again apply. This is a one time allowance caused by the change in the delivery policy. If you’d like a refund, please email me.

You can always read the full description of the newsletter by clicking the “newsletter” link on the right sidebar. I will also reproduce the (new) description below:


Each issue of the Gannon On Investing Newsletter consists of a brief commentary on the quarter, a summary of changes to my personal portfolio, and a discussion of the rationale behind each purchase. Most of the newsletter is devoted to detailed evaluations of individual companies.


Each issue is available both in printed and electronic form. The electronic copy comes in the form of a PDF delivered via email. The printed copy is delivered via U.S. mail.

New issues are not made available before the 15th of the month. The PDF arrives within a few days of the 15th of the month. The printed copy follows later in the month. The exact delivery date for the printed copy is largely based on the location of the subscriber.

Please note that the information presented will be over two weeks old by the time it reaches you. Stock prices will have changed between the end of the quarter and the day you receive the newsletter. The stocks featured in the newsletter are chosen for long-term appreciation potential; so, I believe the fifteen day time lag is normally of little consequence to the long-term investor. However, you must make this decision yourself before subscribing.

Single Issue

This issue covers the stocks purchased for my personal portfolio during the second quarter of 2006. The single issue price is $75.00.

One-Year Subscription

The cost of a one-year subscription (4 issues) is $275.00.

If you have any questions please email me or click the “comments” link below.

Thank you.