Geoff Gannon February 3, 2011

So You Think You Can Read – Thursday

Find stocks reading articles written for nerds not investors. (The Frog’s Kiss)

Microsoft isn’t some old, stodgy industrial outfit. (Controlled Greed)

Travel Centers of America has a lot of leverage and conflicts of interest, but… (Whopper Investments)

Tobin Q, Shiller P/E, and AAII survey show stocks are overvalued and investors are overbullish. (ValueWalk)

Altria has 43 years of rising dividends, a 6% yield, and a fair stock price. (MagicDilligence)

Comamtech is a difficult merger arb play, but still a stock worth studying. (Whopper Investments)

Whitney Tilson hasn’t had success shorting good businesses at high prices. (Market Folly)

Old school value investors are getting outdone by newer, more aggressive players in St. Joe. (Stableboy Selections)

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters trades at $37 a share. It’s worth $5. (Special Situations Monitor)

Rock-Tenn is really buying Smurfit-Stone for just 5 times EBITDA. (Special Situations Monitor)

Charlie Munger speaks and Daily Journal shareholders transcribe. (Canadian Value Investing)

Richard Perry thinks bargains aren’t plentiful but event driven opportunities are. (Market Folly)

JANA Partners starts new positions in companies making value maximizing moves. (Market Folly)

T.Clarke is a good company with lots of heritage, but its future is tied to construction. (10 Value 10)

Dewhurst is a hidden champion. (Interactive Investor)

Maxco is liquidating. (Whopper Investments)

And Winmill & Co. is wondering why a prospective investor wants to see a balance sheet. (Whopper Investments)

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