Geoff Gannon October 6, 2011

Some Good Stock Analysis For You

Here’s some good stock analysis for you.

Whopper Investments and Oddball Stocks spar over net-net ADDvantage (AEY). Whopper Investments owns the stock. Oddball Stocks explains why it’s a pass.

And Andrew August at The Frog’s Kiss writes about Dreamworks (DWA). It’s a 14 page report. After reading his analysis, I emailed Andrew saying it was “the best analyst report I’ve ever read.”

I’ll say that here too.

This is the best analyst report I’ve ever read.

You’ll notice Andrew never puts an exact value on the stock. Which tells you something about good analysis.

A lot of value investing blogs and articles calculate intrinsic value for you. If you read Ben Graham and Warren Buffett – you’ll see they almost never do this.

Intrinsic value is a guess. Buying is the belief.

You don’t need to use a lot of math to prove exactly what something is worth. You just need to present a convincing case for buying it.

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