Geoff Gannon March 22, 2006

Value Investing Directory: New Additions

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After you click on a category, the “category tree” will remain at the top of your screen; however, the listings below will change. Therefore, you need to remember two things: 1) Scroll down to see the listings 2) Choose “deeper” sub-categories to refine your search. For example, there are fewer listings in Blogs > Investing Blogs > Value Investing Blogs than there are in Blogs > Investing Blogs, because all value investing blogs are also listed as investing blogs.

The directory now includes 5 new listings. First, let me discuss the submission process. Then, you can view the list of new additions.


To submit a site for inclusion in the Value Investing Directory please send an email to with the site’s URL. All submissions will be evaluated within 48 hours; however, most submissions will be rejected.

Prospective sites are evaluated on the basis of utility alone; neither reciprocal links nor payment is required. Linking to the Value Investing Directory (or any other part of the Gannon On Investing website) will not affect the evaluation process.

If you would like to propose a new category, request a change to your site’s listing, or request the removal of any site, please send an email to All reasonable requests will be considered; however, I reserve the right to list and describe sites in whatever manner I deem to be most useful.

New Additions

Personal FavoritesSeeking AlphaWall Street 2.0

Worth a Lookpfblogs.orgPhat InvestorRule #1 Investor

All new additions by category:


Online Resources > Value Investing Sites > Rule #1 Investor

Online Resources > Blog Aggregators / Networks > Phat Investor

Online Resources > Blog Aggregators / Networks >

Online Resources > Blog Aggregators / Networks > Seeking Alpha

Online Resources > Blog Aggregators / Networks > Wall Street 2.0

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