Geoff Gannon February 18, 2011

Warren Buffett May Be Buying Brasil Foods; Reporters May Be Mistranslating Something

There are reports today that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) is buying shares in Brasil Foods. These reports are very possibly true. But still weird. I am seeing something in the U.S. reports that I’m not seeing in the Portuguese report I could find. However, I can’t read Portuguese. So I assume reporters at places like Bloomberg understand the Portuguese report better than I do.

U.S. sources all seem to be talking about a report in a Brazilian paper. When I check that paper’s website this is the only report I see.

In the original Portuguese:

O megainvestidor Warren Buffett chegou ao Brasil. Executivos da BRF -Brasil Foods contaram a investidores, durante reunião promovida pelo BTG Pactual, que gestores da Berkshire Hathaway, empresa de investimentos do bilionário americano, visitaram o país e estiveram em unidades da empresa. Depois de conhecerem a companhia, formada pela união de Sadia e Perdigão, iniciaram compras das ações na bolsa.

And now in the Google Translated English:

The investor Warren Buffett arrived in Brazil. Executives of BRF-Brazil Foods told investors during a meeting sponsored by BTG Pactual that managers of Berkshire Hathaway, an investment company of billionaire American, visited the country and have been in business units. After becoming aware of the company, formed by the union of Sadia and Perdigao, began buying shares in the stock market.

But, like I said, I can’t read Portuguese so I’m assuming Google Translate and I are missing something here and there are actually fund managers mentioned in some report in Brazil.

If you can read Portuguese, perhaps you see that mention above.

Even if there is such a mention, I don’t believe it.

I believe Warren Buffett may be buying stock in Brasil Foods. I just don’t believe he sent any “fund managers” to Brazil. Someone from Berkshire may have visited. But unless it was Warren Buffett or Charlie Munger, it’s unlikely to have been anyone Americans would call a fund manager.

Regardless, Berkshire Hathaway may own stock in Brasil Foods.

If it does, I’m sure Warren Buffett hates that someone at Brasil Foods opened their yap at an investor conference.

It’s like Posco all over again.

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