Geoff Gannon January 3, 2012

Working for GuruFocus

I finally made the move to Texas. And am now working full-time for GuruFocus.

Here are the articles I’ve written since joining them last week:

Can You Build a Liquid Portfolio with Illiquid Stocks?

Free Cash Flow: Adjusting for Acquisitions, Capital Allocation, And Corporate Character

What Are the Minimum Requirements for a Good Net-Net

Pain and Patience: Net-Nets, Magic Formulas, and Micro Caps

How to Read a 10-K: What is the Most Important Part?

Free Cash Flow vs. Owner Earnings: Which Matters More?

How Long Should You Hold a Net-Net?

You’ve Crunched the Numbers: Now What?

Western Digital (WDC): Ben Graham Bargain or Mispriced Bet?

Understanding an Industry: Is Simple Better than Familiar?

Are Most Net-Nets Uninvestable?

Do Working Capital Reductions Count as Free Cash Flow?

Warren Buffett’s (Modern Day) Margin of Safety

Berkshire Hathaway’s New Buys – And One Really, Really Old One

David Einhorn’s Buys: More Tech and a Return to Yahoo (YHOO)

Glenn Greenberg’s New Buys: Growth Stocks for Value Investors

What Books Should You Read About Ben Graham? 

GAAP Accounting: Restatements vs. Realities

Vistaprint (VPRT): The Makings of a Moat?

Walter Schloss: 1916 – 2012

How Do You Estimate a Stock’s Intrinsic Value?

What Stocks Would Phil Fisher Buy Today?

I also write GuruFocus’s Ben Graham Net-Net Newsletter and GuruFocus’s Buffett/Munger Bargains Newsletter.

All my writing will be done over at GuruFocus from now on. But I’ll still be on Twitter. And you can always email me.

So don’t be a stranger.

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