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Geoff Gannon October 2, 2006

Festival of Stocks Reminder

The fourth edition of The Festival of Stocks is now up at My 1st Million at 33.

The Festival of Stocks is a new blog carnival focused on highlighting bloggers’ best recent posts on stock market related topics.

This week’s edition includes posts on Home Depot (HD), Parlux Fragrances (PARL), Walter Industries (WLT), Lions Gate (LGF), and many others. The Festival also includes posts about the general market, such as my post “On a New High and an Old Price“, which discusses the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Next week, Value Discipline will host the Festival of Stocks.

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Geoff Gannon October 2, 2006

Three Posts Worth Reading

Here are three posts worth reading. All three cover subjects that haven’t gotten enough attention.

I’m surprised the Western Union (WU) spin-off didn’t get more positive attention. As for Sara Lee (SLE) and Time Warner (TWX), they also deserve attention – but, not the positive kind.

To be clear, I’m not making a point about the stocks here. I may do that at a later date. For now, I just want to say I agree with the basic premise of each of the following posts and thought you might enjoy reading them:

Western Union: One of the Most Quiet Spin-Offs Ever by Jon Ogg

Can Warner Bros do better than “Beerfest”? by Douglas McIntyre

Sara Lee–No Brownie Points for the Committee by David Phillips

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Geoff Gannon October 1, 2006

New Site: The Value Blogs

A new value investing website, The Value Blogs, just launched.

The Value Blogs is a blog aggregator focused on presenting recent value investing blog posts. Unlike some other excellent aggregators (e.g., Seeking Alpha), the site only presents the opening to each post, forcing the reader to follow a link to the contributor’s site to read the full post. This is done in the hopes of driving more traffic to contributors’ sites.

Hopefully, this will have the result of encouraging cross-blog discussions among the various value bloggers. It should also serve to suggest sites to readers interested in finding other value investing blogs.

Last I checked, The Value Blogs already had about a dozen contributing blogs. Several of these blogs are already familiar to readers of this blog. However, there are a few contributing blogs you may not have visited yet. There will likely be more such blogs added in the days ahead.

So, I encourage you to visit The Value Blogs, bookmark it – and see what develops.

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