Geoff Gannon October 1, 2013

Blind Stock Valuation: Mystery Office Equipment Company (1966)


Net Cash: $18 million

Shares Outstanding: 7,992,106



  1. “Duplication of printed communications and business forms for accounting paperwork systems and high speed reproduction of output copy produced by electronic computers.”
  2. “Sales of machines, supplies, and services for general purpose data writing and mechanized repetitive writing.”



  1. Majority of revenue comes from supplies, services, and rentals. Minority of revenue comes from sale of machines.
  2. U.S. sales are 81% of total. Foreign sales are 19%.



  1. What did one share of this company’s stock trade for in 1966?
  2. What price should it have traded for?
  3. What price would you have paid?
  4. Why?