Geoff Gannon December 13, 2007

Favorite Bloggers Add New Positions

Some of our favorite bloggers have been adding new positions.

On November 13th, Fat Pitch Financials added Western Sizzlin (WSZL) at an average price of $13.12 per share. George subsequently wrote a post valuing Western Sizzlin.

On November 23rd, Cheap Stocks added Avalon Holdings (AWX) then trading around $6.50 per share.

Finally, John Bethel of Controlled Greed just announced:

“I placed an order with my broker to purchase stock in a leading provider of office products and supplies. This will be a new position in the portfolio. Assuming the order gets filled, I’ll post my rationale for buying later today or this evening.”

During the past month some of our favorite bloggers have been finding stocks to buy.

Have you?

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