Geoff Gannon September 22, 2018

Geoff’s SEC Filing Notes for: Resideo (a Planned Honeywell Spin-off)

Notes on Honeywell’s planned spin-off of Resideo Technologies

I’m trying something new here. A lot of you want to see more “initial interest” write-ups from me. But, those write-ups are actually step two of my investment process. I first read a 10-K (or, in this case, a spin-off document) on EGDAR and mark-up that SEC filing. I make my notes directly on the 10-K through a combination of highlights and questions, comments, etc. in the margin and at the bottom of the page. I never put these highlights and scribbles into any sort of formal document. But, I thought I’d try doing that here with Resideo so Focused Compounding members could see what my notes would look like if put in a single document.

It turns out such a document runs to over 6,000 words. So, my “notes” are much longer than any write-up I’d create out of them.

I’ll do an “initial interest” write-up of Resideo later this week.

For now, here are my notes:

Notes on Honeywell’s planned spin-off of Resideo Technologies

By the way, I’m going to let Andrew tweet out these notes, I may share them on my blog, etc. Any write-up I do of Resideo (like an “initial interest” post) will be exclusively for Focused Compounding members. But, at least for more liquid stocks like Resideo, I think we’ll share the notes widely.

In the comments below, let me know if you found these notes interesting and whether you’d like more SEC filing “notes” posts from me. In the future, I can do one post with my notes first and then a second initial interest post later. But, I won’t do that unless I get feedback from members saying they have an interest in seeing these notes.

Notes on Honeywell’s planned spin-off of Resideo Technologies