Geoff Gannon September 30, 2013

How The Avid Hog Works


At The Avid Hog, we do not offer trial periods. Nor do we make old issues available for free. However, you may sample the current issue of The Avid Hog. Sampling is done on the honor system. You do not need to enter your credit card information. Just call or email Subscriber Services and ask to be sent the current issue. If you are satisfied with your sample, please come back to the site and pay for the product you just enjoyed by clicking the subscribe button. If you are unsatisfied, think of it as an (unwanted) gift.

Talk to Subscriber Services


Any subscriber who is unsatisfied with an issue will receive a $100 refund. If you cancel because The Avid Hog no longer meets your expectations, your last $100 payment will be refunded. We do not issue refunds greater than $100.


Subscriptions are billed through a $100 recurring monthly PayPal charge. You are charged $100 each month on the same day of the month on which you subscribed. For example, if you subscribe to The Avid Hog on October 3rd, you will be charged $100 immediately on October 3rd. You will then be charged another $100 on November 3rd, then again on December 3rd, and again on January 3rd, and so on until you cancel.


A new issue is released each month. Issues are sent as a PDF attachment via email. Issues are sent to all subscribers on the day the issue is published. The day the issue is sent is the same for all subscribers regardless of their billing date.


You may cancel your subscription to The Avid Hog by calling or emailing Subscriber Services. If you cancel due to dissatisfaction, you will receive a $100 refund.


There is a website for The Avid Hog. It is the best place to find up to date information on what The Avid Hog is, how it works, and who to talk to when you have a question.