Geoff Gannon October 1, 2007

Interesting Items for Monday, October 01, 2007

Controlled Greed, one of The Eight Best Investing Blogs, has two posts (“life of the blog” and “year-to-date“) discussing the performance of its stock picks.

Value Discipline (another one of The Eight Best Investing Blogs) has several new posts:

The Sub-Prime Crisis and the Hedge Fund Collapse

Is Government Involvement in Energy Worth the Investment Risk?

Nordson and High Quality Capital Goods Companies

Finally, George of Fat Pitch Financials (yes, another one of The Eight Best Investing Blogs) writes about NCAV (net current asset value) bargain Concord Camera (LENS) and its recent 10-K. Even if you don’t like the stock (or the company – and there’s plenty not to like) you might want to read the post, as true net/nets are currently an endangered species.

Over the next week you may notice some changes to this site as I clear away some of the stuff I haven’t been able to update and prepare to resume some other activities on a regular basis. It’ll all make sense in about a week.

For now, please just bear with me – and don’t worry if some of the site suddenly disappears. It’s all part of an effort to improve the site and keep it current.

The blog itself won’t be changing.

Thanks for your understanding.

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