Geoff Gannon November 15, 2006

On a Small Project

There haven’t been many posts recently (and there won’t be a post today) because I’ve been working on a small project in preparation for an upcoming post – actually, the project will probably spawn several posts.

I don’t normally write posts on “macro” subjects. But, there is one terribly important subject that I do need to address: what kind of returns you can expect over your investment lifetime.

I’d like to include some graphs in the post. Unfortunately, to have them drawn the way I want a little number crunching is required. It’s simple work; but, it takes up a lot of time. I’m almost done. I might even have the post for you on Friday.

Until then, here are two items to keep you busy:

A video of Warren Buffett taking questions from some MBA students

An update on what stocks Buffett has been buying and selling recently