Geoff Gannon April 2, 2007

On “Three Ideas and an Award”

Today, I’m going to try something a little different. Many longtime readers have told me how much they enjoy discussions of specific stocks and how rarely I discuss specific stocks these days.

Other bloggers often look back on the past performance of stocks mentioned on their blog. That’s difficult for me to do, because my conclusions regarding individual stocks tend to be pretty varied. I’ve written about many businesses I liked that weren’t selling at prices I liked. I don’t want to give up writing about interesting businesses merely because they’re overpriced today. The name of the blog, “Gannon On Investing” sums up what this site is all about – it isn’t a personal trading blog; it’s just me writing about investing.

I decided a short monthly post that focuses on a very small number of stocks and eliminates all the nuances of longer posts is the best way for me to give you some of my best ideas – at the moment – while also providing a record I can dissect at a later date. This way, I can still write about the stocks that are the most interesting stocks to write about – and yet keep them separate from the stocks that look most appealing as investments.

I’ll try to have a little fun with this monthly post. I’m calling it “Three Ideas and an Award”. I’ll always start by listing my three best ideas. Then, I’ll make up some award to present to a fourth stock that doesn’t make my top three ideas list – but is worth looking into.

The prices presented will simply be a recent price included for future reference. If a stock is one of my “three best ideas” it’s safe to say I believe there’s a wide margin of safety; so, I’m not worried about small price differences – I just want the post to be archived with relatively current prices.

Finally, unless otherwise indicated, you should assume I and people connected to me both professionally and personally own the stocks mentioned. If these are my best ideas, why wouldn’t I own them? Still, I’ll try to include a generic disclosure with each post.

I’d appreciate hearing what you think about this idea. Feel free to give your opinion about this new idea, or anything else you do or don’t like about my blog, by commenting to this post or sending me an email.