Geoff Gannon March 28, 2006

Quarterly Newsletter

Preparing the quarterly newsletter is taking more time than I had anticipated. This comes at the expense of the blog and podcast. The quarter ends on the 31st (Friday); so, the amount of content on the blog and podcast should (at least) return to past levels next week.

I’m delaying the podcast episode “Work Habits” until next Tuesday. Expect this to be a very slow week on the blog as well.

Sorry for the inconvenience. This is a one time delay caused by the design, format, and printing of the newsletter. In the future, I will only have to worry about content.

You can learn more about the quarterly newsletter by clicking the newsletter link on the sidebar. A single issue costs $75. A one-year subscription is $275. The newsletter covers the period ending Friday, March 31st. The April issue should be delivered sometime next week.