Geoff Gannon November 28, 2012

Rise of the Guardians Has DreamWorks’s Worst Opening Weekend

We’ve talked about DreamWorks Animation (DWA) on this blog before. Last weekend, DreamWorks released a movie called Rise of the Guardians.

Here is a list of original computer animated solo productions by DreamWorks and how each movie opened in the U.S. All amounts are adjusted for inflation.

  1. Kung Fu Panda: $67 million
  2. Monsters vs. Aliens: $63 million
  3. Shark Tale: $61 million
  4. Madagascar: $58 million
  5. Over the Hedge: $47 million
  6. Megamind: $46 million
  7. Bee Movie: $44 million
  8. How to Train Your Dragon: $44 million
  9. Puss in Boots: $35 million
  10. Antz: $29 million
  11. Rise of the Guardians: $24 million

Rise of the Guardians cost $145 million. DreamWorks has had worse opening weekends. But none were computer animated solo productions. They were either hand drawn movies – which DreamWorks no longer makes – or movies made with Aardman.

DreamWorks’s stock dropped on Monday. Shares now trade at $17.30.