Geoff Gannon October 22, 2006

Value Investing News: Top Ten Stories

Here are this week’s top ten stories from Value Investing News:

1. Proof that losing money really is scary
2. What’s Berkshire Hathaway Worth, Anyway?
3. Berkshire Press Release: Equitas Reinsure & Run-Off Deal
4. The Cost of Anchoring
5. (Geoff Gannon) On the Round Table Discussion
6. Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up: Baby Boomers Remembering When
7. Free Advice from All-Star Managers
8. The Worst Has Yet to Come for Regional Airlines
9. ValueBlogReview: Morningstar’s Classroom
10. Buffett in Lloyd’s deal

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As I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of Value Investing News. When you use the site, you’ll notice that a user named “Geoff” has submitted a lot of stories to the site. So, if you want to know what I’m reading, just browse Value Investing News.

The more people use the site, the better it will become.