Geoff Gannon September 28, 2013

What is The Avid Hog?

The Avid Hog is a monthly value investing newsletter written by Geoff Gannon and Quan Hoang. It is best suited for buy and hold investors looking for an above average business at a below average price. Each month, Geoff and Quan pick the best buy and hold stock they can find. They discuss that one stock in a series of 9 articles. These 9 articles – each over 1,300 words long – include separate sections on the 7 points that make up Geoff and Quan’s personal buy and hold checklist:

  1. Durability
  2. Moat
  3. Quality
  4. Capital Allocation
  5. Value
  6. Growth
  7. Misjudgment

In addition to 12,000 words of written analysis, each issue of The Avid Hog includes:

  1. Historical financial data
  2. Owner earnings calculation
  3. Intrinsic value appraisal
  4. Margin of safety measurement

The goal of each issue is to provide subscribers with enough information – in the form of facts, quotes, and data – to make their own decision about the stock. Unlike many newsletters, the focus of The Avid Hog is business analysis. The intended minimum investment time frame is 3 years. The stocks profiled are the same stocks that Geoff and Quan are researching for their personal accounts. Geoff and Quan have agreed to limit all future purchases to stocks that have appeared in The Avid Hog. This ensures the idea flow subscribers are seeing is identical to what Geoff and Quan are thinking when it comes to their own money.

The cost is $100 a month.

At The Avid Hog, we do not offer trial periods. Nor do we make old issues available for free. However, you may sample the current issue of The Avid Hog. Sampling is done on the honor system. You do not need to enter your credit card information. Just call or email Subscriber Services and ask to be sent the current issue. If you are satisfied with your sample, please come back to the site and pay for the product you just enjoyed by clicking the subscribe button. If you are unsatisfied, think of it as an (unwanted) gift.